Well, yet another …

I’ve tried a few times to set up a server and blog but they have come and gone. Much like many other experiments, the results remain only in the (mad) scientists mind. Not that they were special or loaded with content, on the contrary they had the ubiquitous “hello World” type posts.

This one I might actually back up and keep. It’s sitting on the ww2.tech-party.us server, along side the 147120.net web site. THAT site is going to be a cool toy. It’s centered around the ‘nets’ as in on the air meetings and the ‘net’ as in network of cool devices shared online.

Kind of cool that we can make these things now a days. I mean, look, this is faster than my shared hosting on godaddy.

Anyway, come to my Tech Party some time and see what I’m talking about.

Tracy “N4LGH”

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